• I’m a young professional

  • With a unique combination

  • Of business experience

  • And technical skills

Web Development

I develop Responsive Websites Design (RWD) with an incredible SEO structure for better results on Google, Yahoo! and Bing.


Developing dynamic and comprehensive websites


As a Web Developer with more than 10 years of experience, I help people turn their ideas into outstanding responsive websites


Business owners who need brand-new responsive websites, or major improvements to existing ones, i’m here to offer you the best!


I code primarily by hand to ensure quality code and write in HTML5/CSS3 and jQuery on the front-end. PHP and WordPress for the back-end



Hosting & Domain Registration
Email Address(es)
Logo and Branding
Social Media Branding



Wordpress Integration
Responsive Design
SEO Structure - Local | National | Worldwide
Maintenance and Updates

Web Development

In the event that you are similar to most entrepreneurs you likely as of now have a website that was constructed simply a couple of years prior and since the blast in advanced mobile phone innovation, web clients have adjusted to portable web looks.

Reports in January 2014 demonstrate that over a large portion of all web clients are smartphones to pursuit the web. What does this mean for your website? In the event that your website was constructed before 2010, chances are that your site doesn’t look to extraordinary on cell phones or smartphones and it most likely demonstrates a little zoomed out rendition of your site as it tries to fit inside the smartphone.

Clients who are disappointed with the experience they get on these gadgets are unrealistic to return or make a buy. Conveying great substance, and the same substance to all your guests, on any gadget implies that they will have the same encounter on your site without a doubt, which is imperative to client experience. We have two answers for existing destinations that need an overhaul, a portable particular outline, or a responsive re-plan.

Responsive web configuration is a website that conforms naturally to the width of a client’s browser. Responsive sites work by utilizing CSS3 media inquiries, which peruses the span of the screen. With a responsive website you can sit back and relax knowing that your website will chip away at any gadget and that your clients will dependably have the capacity to associate with you.

Our web design services include exceptional graphics, interactive tools, integration of social media, and multiple calls to action that will get you more leads, more credibility, and more sales! Don’t delay, check out what a new or remodel website can do for you!

you’re losing customers every time your site is loaded on a screen not designed for your old website!

— HTML5 Fact —

Interactive Media

I'm a visual effects artist and filmmaker. I've been working for many Visual Effects studios and i have a passion for story-telling.


Serious Effects & Video Compositing


Understand the concept to be applied in the multimedia project and catalog every detail required in the video


For great results, I have the knowledge on the best tools on the market: Cinema 4D, After Effects, Adobe Premiere and Adobe Audition

Final Render

For outstanding results the project is delivered in 1080p on multiple formats with lossless quality and consistency: .mp4 and .webm



Panasonic HMC150
Canon 5D Mark 3
Video Stabilizer
Video Light Studio



Adobe After Effects
Adobe Premiere
Adobe Audition
Cinema 4D

Interactive Media

Adobe After Effect is a well known software, it is especially designed to make good quality videos. It is mainly used for “behind the scenes” movie production. It is very easy to operate and offer good professional quality videos. After Effects it has been proved to be the best tool for the video production such as; Cinematic Visual Effects: Adobe After Effects tool can provide high quality visual effects. The best part of this tool is to turn unrealistic film into authentic film.

Along with my design skills I also bring a writer’s mind, skills of editing, years of producing work and over 7 years in customer service.

Manage video project pre-production: Storyboarding, Scripting

Record/Edit Voiceover Sessions: Training video courses and audio series in english and chinese

Multiple Projects: Deadlines are being met with high standards

Direct video shoots both on and off location: Such as interviews, events, training scenarios and company messages

Develop Dynamic Training Videos: Animation and live interviews

Directed, Designed & Animated Videos: Target video spot and branded video for digital signage

Motion Designer: Animated, edited & encoded promotional video spots for Web and their very large digital signage network

Resolutions Ranged: From standard to HD, 4k and complex multi-screen interactive content with extreme non-standard aspect-ratios

I personally revise, update and reprogram the multimedia components of the company video development. Replace outdated information, add graphics, video and reformat existing content into segments designed for use in future conferences or video tutorials. I also handle the new wireless video streaming system for small, medium or large audience.

Organize and prioritize work and meet deadlines. Exhibit leadership skills by working as a team player.

— Berlin Gonzalez —

Hire my Services

Whether your goal is to see improved business-to-business interaction and business-to-customer relationships, Berlin (my self) employs the web design skills that can make it a reality.

Beautiful Design

I can provide answers not only to your web design questions but to your online business questions. My goal is to help your business get the results you want from today’s Internet.

Internet Marketing

While the Internet may be a less familiar marketing medium to you, it allows you to test your marketing messages and measure your marketing results much more quickly and accurately.

Mobile Friendly

In 2013’s fourth quarter sales, smartphones outsold PCs for the first time ever. The five highest-grossing vendors of smartphones that year were Apple, Samsung, and HTC. Are you ready for it?

The WordPress platform is a great solution for websites that feature a blog or news section along with a number of content pages. WordPress is geared for a blog but it can be used for managing all kinds of basic web content, from a small site with a couple news articles to a blog with multiple users, hundreds of posts and numerous comments on each post.

Overall, the majority of my clients benefit from using Magento, Drupal, or WordPress. But, of course, none of these platforms are the perfect solution for every case. Websites come in all shapes and sizes, and Berlin (my self) spend the time to make sure your site is built on a platform that fits your needs.

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